Yuri Yarlei Cruz Adeodato

Personal Information


I'm a professional who like to work in challenging projects but who likes to write a easy, simple, clean code. I'm a big follower of the team work and I like to learn and share what I've learned.

I have more than 13 years experience in system analysis and development, I work performing activities like analysis of requirements and solutions and system development in several areas like health, management and administration, financial and accounting. Also, I also have an extensive experience in data modeling, development of procedures, function and ETL routines.

Key skills and Experience
  • JAVA, ANDROID, PHP development;
  • Javascript, Jquery, Prototype;
  • DataBases (Oracle, PostgreSql, SqlServer, MySql,PL/SQL, PL/PGSQL);
  • Versioning (svn, cvs, git);
  • Webservices (SOAP, REST, JAX-WS, JAX-RS);
  • TDD, Scrum;
  • Docker, Docker-Compose;
  • Spring, Thymeleaf
  • Knowledge in Big data analytics and Machine Learning;
  • Knowledge about accounting and finances;
  • Excellent analysing and developer skills;
  • Ability to adapt to any role, methodology, technology and environment.

  • Bachelor Degree in Information systems - Estácio de sá (Finishing Jun/2018);
  • Associate's Degree in Systems Analysis and Development - Estácio de sá;
  • MBA Degree with emphasis on Data Science ­ IGTI (Interrupted).



Writings and publications



  • Job Title: Senior Software Developer – 2013 / Current
    Company:SEFIN (Municipal Bureau of Finance) –
    • The municipal bureau of finance is an integrant organization of the direct administration Fortaleza city. It means that it’s responsible for the coordination, control, execution and oversight of the activities regarding the funds and fiscal rules of public accounting in Fortaleza.
    • The project I work is called “GRPFOR-FC”, the main line of the project is the municipal accounting, the software does the accounting of the entire city, based on how the city managers coordinate the city finances.
    • The public accounting had to migrate for the international accounting rules, The old system can't support these changes, so, a large and complex system had to be created in a very short time. We used scrum, UML and a lot of others artefacts to accomplish this task in time requested.
    • I assumed the responsibility of create the accounting module of the system, it will had to communicate with every module that should to be accounted. The accounting had to be done in real time and be invisible to the final users. After the module was done, my daily activities consisting in lead the accounting team, managing the accounting data and planning the changes who involves the accounting module. I also worked in development of some modules, and a PL\SQL function who consolidates the accounting outstanding balance for reports and several others database functions.
    Awards: Certification of participation into the implantation of the new rules of public accounting.
    Technologies: Java Web, Oracle PL/SQL, JasperReports, Core Java, Unit tests, Mockito, JSF , Seam, Richfaces 3, Hibernate 3, Javascript, Jboss Developer Studio, Jquery, Scrum.


  • Job Title: Senior Software Developer – 2012 / 2013
    Company: Funetec\PB - Foundation of technological education and cultural –
    • The FUNETEC is a foundation who promote services like development, research and consulting in areas of technology, scientific, culture and administrative.
    • Here I worked in the developing a system called SIM, it's a municipal management system of João Pessoa city hall (Paraiba, Brazil), I was responsible for maintenance and developing many modules of the budgetary module. I also worked in the development of management reports of the system, as well as in performing Scrum meetings
    Technologies: Java Web, JSF, Richfaces 3, JasperReports, Core Java, Seam, JPA 2, Selenium, PostgreSQL, Scrum.


  • Job Title: Senior Software Developer – 2011 / 2012
    Company: CPQT (Center of research and technological Qualification)
    • The CPQT is an a development and research institute in the technology area who develop projects to many companies in Brazil and abroad.
    • In here I was responsible in the customizing of some tools to Intelbras, a big company who works in areas of security and telecommunication. I worked in the customizing of the Spark IM client in integration with the Microsoft Exchange and I worked in with Big Blue Button, customizing it to allow the documents and the alteration made in the documents on a presentation could be downloaded by the participants.
    Technologies: Java Swing, Microsoft Exchange, Core Java, Flex, Grails, Image Magic.


  • Job Title: Software Developer – 2009 / 2011
    Company: Unimed Fortaleza –
    • In Unimed I worked as outsourced by Ivia, who is a company who do IT services to other organizations, like outsourcing, development, business intelligence and consulting. The Unimed is a private healthcare network with many doctors, clinics and hospitals.
    • I worked in clock card machine system of the medics, this system calculates their wages and had several managements reports. The other system there I worked was a system who management the hospital rooms internals and between hospitals, showing where have available rooms.
    Technologies: Java Web, Core Java, JSP, Ibatis,DWR, Spring, Struts, Oracle, etc.


  • Job Title: Jr Software Developer – 2008 / 2010
    Company: Avanz –
    • I worked in the backend development of several websites, working with PHP in zend framework and other, integrating flash website with databases and PHP administration with XML.
    Technologies: PHP, MySql, PostgreSql, Zend framework, XML.


  • Job Title: Jr Software Developer – 2005 / 2007
    Company: Exceller
    • Here I worked developing websites with PHP and MySql, also I worked in development of management system of Maracanau city hall.
    Technologies: PHP, MySql.